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How to Make Money with Gathr

Today, more people than ever are attending online events. Virtual events connect exhibitors with attendees online and generate value for everyone involved.

The convenience, reach, and scalability offered by virtual events; in addition to the return on investment, lower budget, and measurable results have made virtual events a massive hit in the time of Covid-19, and by all accounts will become a standard part of everyday life in the coming years.

Gathr has created a hybrid virtual and live event booking platform that offers everything you need to make yourself available for private or public events. In these uncertain times, Gathr helps you create new income and keep more of it; creating a world where the limitations of social distance are not a barrier to success, by connecting you directly with your audience. 

As you dive into the online event landscape, we would like to offer some tips on how to best monetize all aspects of your virtual events.

1. Offer Multiple Ticketing Options
Think about your event, and what of value you can additionally offer your audience – behind the scenes or personal access, an autographed picture, access to a workshop, etc. 

Think of your virtual offerings as airline tickets – first class, business, economy, etc. You can offer different ticket types at different price tiers for your online event. As an example – 

* $10 Access to the event
* $20 Access to the event + Meet & Greet
* $30 Access to the event + Meet & Greet + Merchandise

2. Add-Ons
What else can you offer your audience besides a ticket, meet & greet and other premium ticket items? Is there an additional product that you can offer as an “add-on” to your audience? This could be a product you already have, or something you created specifically for the event. 

Additionally, consider a discounted ticket or “Buddy Price” for someone purchasing multiple tickets. This is an easy way to engage your audience, and increase ticket sales. 

3. Offer Increased Visibility
Visibility has become a major concern, with increased competition in every industry. Exhibitors attending online events go through a similar situation which presents an opportunity as a host to earn more by selling sponsorships. 

Sponsorships enable brands to gain more visibility, offering a chance to gain more exposure by positioning themselves better within the event space. This can be done in any of the following ways: 

* Banner placement
* Arranging a webinar
* Arranging a presentation
* Giveaways and discounts
* Ability to upload and share marketing collateral like videos, brochures, and documents

4. Sell Merch!
Virtual events provide a good opportunity to sell your products, services, and other merchandise. This can be done through an online store, giving a chance to attendees to easily purchase your books, albums, shirts, etc before, during, and after the event itself.

5. Affiliate Sales
Provide an incentive for exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees to promote your event. Have them sign up for your affiliate program. They can then use a unique affiliate link to promote your event and receive commissions for every referral. 

This offers incentive to your partners and promoters to drive ticket sales for the event.

6. Repurpose and Sell Recorded Events
One of the benefits of virtual events is you can record them and repackage the content. 

It should be made available to those who attended the event as part of their ticket purchase. Otherwise, it can be used to open a new revenue stream as you can offer access to your recorded virtual event content in perpetuity.

As you think on the above steps and formulate a plan to earn extra revenue from your events, some additional questions to ask yourself: 

* Who are your likely attendees? 
* Who are your potential sponsors?
* Who are your potential partners?
* Who are your potential affiliates?
* How competitive is your pricing? Is it too cheap, or expensive? 

Answer all the above, and you’ll be on your way…. Get started with Gathr

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