Onboarding with Gathr: Your Availability

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Setting your availability is an important step. Here you will be able to not only set your daily and hourly availability, but also the amount of notice required for bookings, along with your availability range.

Recurring Schedule
You will be able to select your available hours in the Availability Preferences section of your Profile set up. You can select a date range or block specific days in your calendar.

Remember, if you have late night availability you will want to take that into consideration when setting your times on days in which you’re available after midnight. 

As an example, if you are available after midnight on Mondays and Tuesdays only, but are otherwise only available until 10PM other days, your schedule will look something like this: 

Sunday: 7PM-10PM
Monday: 7PM-12AM
Tuesday: 12AM-2AM and 7PM-12AM
Wednesday: 12AM-2AM and 7PM-10PM
Thursday: 7PM-10PM
Friday: 7PM-10PM
Saturday: 7PM-10PM

You can also choose multiple availabilities in a given day by pressing the + symbol near the corresponding day and time.

Once your profile is set up you will be able to access your calendar within the dashboard and set your availability on a daily basis; so you can mark yourself as unavailable to book on your birthday, for example. 

Reservation Preferences
You will be able to select your advance notice, along with how far in advance you can be booked in your Reservation Preferences. 

You can set up to 30 days advance notice as a requirement. 

Setting your availability now helps make it very clear to potential clients when you’re available, and is an easy way to save you and those looking to book you time.

Deposit Settings
When you ask for a deposit, you are asking the venue to make a commitment on your offering and are ensuring your minimum payment requirements are met. 

When a venue or host has money invested up front, it is more likely that they will do more to make the offering a success.

A deposit is a percentage of the total guarantee. You have the option to make your deposit refundable or non-refundable based on the cancellation policy you set.

You should decide on a deposit percentage that works for you and the venue or host. Be flexible, if you can. Consider keeping your deposit requirements low to ensure a higher number of bookings.

Cancellation Policy
By setting a cancellation policy you ensure minimum payment requirements are met, and maximum availability for additional bookings. 

Your cancellation policy should aim to ensure fair compensation in the event of a customer cancelling a booking, which reflects the time and cost involved in organizing the booking and the decreasing probability of being able to find alternative work at short notice. For all cancellations, the portion of your fee you are entitled to retain should depend on:

• When the customer booked
• How long before the event date they cancel

Consider the following cancellation table as an option: 

30 days out 5 % of total cost + any expenses incurred
15 days out 50% of total cost + any expenses incurred
5 days out 75% of total cost + any expenses incurred
1 day out 90% of total cost + any expenses incurred

You can set your deposit and cancellation policy on specific dates in the calendar on your dashboard. As an example, if a booking is on a holiday you can set a higher deposit amount, etc.

You’ve made it through the setup process. Now, think about next steps… What is something you can offer an audience that’s unique to you - a lecture, a performance, a class? Time to put some more framework around what it is you do in our Offerings section. 

Step Six: How to Build an Offering on Gathr

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