Onboarding with Gathr: Your Booking Fees / Virtual Events

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Everyone is working to transition in-person events to virtual events. It is very important to remember that virtual events are still LIVE Events!

How can you take advantage of the virtual world?

When your event is virtual, you have no travel fees, no hotel fees and your attendees are not having to pay the cost of travel.

You can easily do the same event multiple times to several different audiences without having to be on tour.

You don’t have any limits or boundaries. You can reach more people all over the world.

Ticketed Events vs Non-Ticketed Events
A ticketed event is when the host decides to charge admission for their event. You have the choice to get a % of the gate, get a fixed fee, or get a fee vs or in addition to a % of the gate.

A non-ticketed event is when the host decides not to charge admission to the event. You will still get your fees covered, but you will not get a % of the gate.

Fee Structures

Fixed Fees

A set amount paid for your work. The fee will not change based on the number of hours, the number of event attendees, and so on.

Hourly Rate
An hourly amount paid for your work. This will typically be paired with a stipulation regarding minimum hours, or a minimum fee.

To determine your hourly rate, first determine your desired monthly ‘salary?’

As an example, let’s say you’d like to earn $10,000 a month through your Gathr Talent profile. From there break it down to your weekly rate, to your daily rate and so on…

per Month$10,000
per Week
(based on a 4 week month)
per Day
(based on a 5 day week)
per Hour
(based on an 8 hour day)
per 30 min.$31.25
per 15 min.$15.63

Share Of Ticket Sales
This applies to ticketed events only. A share of ticket sales means talent will receive a % of “the gate”, which is the box office, or the total amount collected from ticket sales.

For example, you can charge a minimum guaranteed appearance fee of $500 vs. 50% of the gate — whichever is higher.

Or you can charge $500 in addition to a % of the gate.

Or you can just ask for a straight % of the gate.

An example to consider here is a typical limited theatrical film booking will be $250 minimum guarantee vs 35% of the door, whichever is higher.

Additional Features and Fees
When your event is virtual you do not necessarily need to worry about travel fees or food and beverage costs, however you may still need to consider items such as workbooks, physical materials, t-shirts, tech requirements such as microphone, amp, and more.

You want to make sure that everything you need for your event is covered. This can be a required or optional fee.

You now have live and virtual fees and ticketing practices locked in. Time to start thinking about your booking preferences.

Step Five: Booking Preferences

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