Onboarding with Gathr: Your Page

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You’ve gotten the basics down, now it’s time to start getting into specifics. Tell your audience a little bit about yourself. 

In this section, we’ll tell you just how to do that…

Short Description
A short phrase that states your overall purpose and objective. A good short description helps highlight your offering and skillset to your audience. The most important aspect of your tagline is to ensure it’s memorable. 

Think of some memorable brand taglines throughout history, and what images they connote to you…

A good bio describes who you are as a person, your history, your education, and the way you relate to your given industry. Your bio should show your best career achievements, define your personal brand, and include all information regarding your education and credentials.

A solid bio should include the following: 
* Basic information, including your name and profession
* Accomplishments throughout your career
* What you bring to your industry… What makes you unique?
* Relevant hobbies and interests

Capturing the proper tone within your bio is important. You don’t want to seem too professional and stilted, but you also want to appear playful so that you can display your personality. It’s important to strike a balance between the two. A good bio will give a better idea of your capabilities.

When it comes to picking the perfect profile picture, both for personal and business uses, your non-verbal brand matters.

Communicate your message
Depending on your business or personality, photos of true laughter or unabashed joy might be perfect — or they might not send quite a serious enough message. Come up with a positive trait list, and then decide what you want the feeling to be. If “fun-loving” is one of them, use the candid one. If it’s not, consider finding a more conventional photo.

Use your body
Your profile photos don’t have to be a stoic headshot. Consider using more of your body — like your hands — to encourage visitors to your Gathr Talent profile .

Be smart about color and background
If you are going to be doing a photoshoot, the color of your outfit and backdrop are important.

Do not use photos where you are wearing sunglasses unless that is part of your image. People like to see your eyes.

Your Links
Adding personal links to your profile page is a chance for you to share your experience in a real and tangible way with your prospective audience.

If you’re a musician, link to your Spotify page. If you’re a comedian, link to a performance via YouTube or Vimeo.

It is important to “show your work,” as there is no better way to give a Host or Venue a sense of who you are, and what you bring to a booking.

Add A Video
Don’t be shy, show your audience who you are and what you have to offer. There’s no better way to hook a new fan than by sharing an example of what you have to offer and who you are.

Be it a download of a song, a trailer, an excerpt from your book or seminar, it’s important to approach your audience as if they are discovering you for the first time.

It could just be you reaching out to your audience and speaking from your heart and telling them a story.

What do you want to say? What have you created that best represents you? How can you connect to your audience?

It doesn't have to be perfect or slick. You can just pick up your phone and record yourself. Or you can make a more elaborate video. Either way, the idea is to connect with your audience.

You can also include an explanation for how they can book you, and a walk through of how to do that.

Step Three: Your Booking Fees / In-Person Events

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