Onboarding with Gathr: Booking Preferences

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When addressing your booking options, you have a handful of things to consider - regular booking or instant booking, along with our Talent On Demand feature.

Regular Booking vs Instant Booking

There is one key difference between regular and instant bookings. 

With regular bookings you have up to 24 hours to approve a booking request. 

Regular bookings allow the option to vet a venue, look at your schedule, availability, etc before confirming a date. It allows you to open a direct dialog with the venue before committing. 

With instant bookings that requirement is removed. Instead, a venue or host can choose a date and time and book Talent automatically. 

The benefits of Instant Booking are convenience and immediate connection between Talent and a Venue or host.

As an example, you may use instant booking as an option if you are on tour and know you will have a day off in a given city, but hope to book a performance while there. Instant booking offers an easy way to lock in that date with a given venue or host at your desired booking fee, without the back and forth of negotiating price, travel and hotel requirements, etc.

Talent On Demand

Talent on Demand is a feature unique to Gathr, and is a risk-free way of producing any event. 

Fans can book Talent into Venues - live or virtual. But the event will only go forward when enough people reserve enough tickets in advance to get to a "tipping point".

Tipping Point

The minimum quantity of tickets that need to be sold in order for an event to go forward. This is the break-even point which factors in all of the costs including venue price, talent, rights, minimum audience requirements, marketing, etc. 

Talent On Demand protects all parties involved in ensuring Talent, Venue, and Host requirements are met before an event can be confirmed.

If you are a solo performer who needs to make a fee of $200 to make it worth your while, and the venue and you are splitting the door 50/50, with tickets set at $10 apiece, you will need to sell 40 tickets before a performance can be confirmed: 

$10 x 40 = $400 / 2 = $200.

Talent On Demand ensures all parties involved are financially happy and on the same page before the performance even starts. 

Scheduling Your Talent On Demand Event

Talent On Demand requires at least one month lead time. Bare this in mind should you choose to use Talent On Demand versus other booking options. 

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