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Welcome to Gathr Talent. When setting up your Talent profile there are some key steps you will need to take to optimize your profile, and best set yourself up for success.

Please join us as we explore each facet of the profile creation process. 

What is your title? What do you do? 
Gathr offers a variety of options when choosing your category - from Art to Sports, and everything in between. 

Think about why you’re on Gathr. What is it you do? What do you have to offer an audience? 

Are you a comedian looking for a venue?
A band looking to set up a tour?
A clown looking for a birthday party?
A subject expert looking for a conference?

For this and more, Gathr has you covered. 

Key Words / Describe Your Talent
Key words should be used to describe you and the services you’re offering. Key words help optimize your searchability within the Gathr platform. They help venues, hosts, and promoters find you faster. 

Choosing a handful of descriptors to describe yourself and your Talent is important in giving a quick snapshot of what you can offer a potential venue, host or audience. Highlighting your skills will help you standout among the crowd. 

Think about how you would describe your talent in bullet points. What are the 5-10 words that immediately come to mind in describing what you do. 

Are you a Folk Musician who specializes in Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, and Violin? If so, then make your key words - Musician / Folk / Guitar / Acoustic Guitar / Banjo / Violin

Gathr offers venues, hosts, and talent the ability to search via location. It’s imperative you include the location of where you’re primarily based. 

If someone is looking for a magician for a corporate retreat in Sedona, Arizona, and you happen to be the only magician in town… you want to make sure you’re the first name they see when they search the Gathr platform.

When should you add an additional talent profile? 
In order to best optimize your available services in terms of presentation, searchability online, and within the Gathr platform, we’ve found it best to set up individual Talent Profiles for each of your areas of expertise. 

Perhaps you’re a youth pastor, but also a ventriloquist. You likely present yourself differently to each segment of your audience, and as a result have two very distinct fan bases and potential audiences. Setting up separate Talent Profiles enables you to maximize viewability and potential profit.

To get started on your next Talent Profile select ‘Add an additional Talent Profile’ and get started!

While you will need to create separate Talent Profiles for each of your categories, you will be able to track all services you’re offering, and all bookings within your individual Profile Page. 

Now that you’ve taken the first steps to creating your profile and gotten some of your basic information down, it’s time to move onto Step Two: Your Page, where you’ll be able to add your bio, photos, video and more.

Step Two: Your Page

Are you curious to learn more about Gathr Talent to see if it is the right fit for you? Get started with Gathr

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