Breaking the Mold: Gathr’s Visionary Approach to Film Distribution

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Gathr is revolutionizing indie film distribution with Affiliate Transactional Video on Demand for broadened reach and revenue growth, and Direct to Cinema™ offering access to over 20,000 North American screens, providing filmmakers with controlled distribution and valuable audience insights. 


The Problem with Film Distribution

In August, at Locarno, former IFC head Arianna Bocco remarked:

"The indie model is broken and it doesn’t exist… the independent film world is in disarray...We are very ripe for – you can use a lot of different words – an overhaul, a revolution, a reset. There are many ways to frame it.” Source: Variety


In September at Camden, 100 thought-leaders in documentary film participated in Re:Distribution - A Documentary Town Hall to explore What new paradigms can we collectively imagine and build today? Source: Camden


In December at Beyond Resilience, Firelight Media Co-Founder Marsha Smith declared:

"Filmmakers are going to have to integrate vertically."


Similarly, Impact Partners Co-Founder Geralyn Dreyfous contended:

"We are going to have to own our own data...At least 50% of recoupment of your budget (should) come from (Transactional Video On Demand)." Source: Beyond Resilience


This month in anticipation of Sundance, film journalist, programmer and professor Anthony Kaufman wrote, "As a documentary producer told me recently:"

The most important thing in the independent nonfiction world right now is not developing new directors. It's developing new distribution mechanisms. We can always think about visionary filmmakers, but we need to think about who are the visionaries in distribution who are going to crack the distribution code.  Source: Substack


The Solution for Film Distribution

"The indie film sector is f**** but it actually has a huge chance to build something better." - Ted Hope, Film Producer Source: Variety


Video on Demand - Your Audience. Your Data. Your Revenue. Instantly. 

Gathr is responding to the clarion call.

We invented Theatrical On Demand®, we were the first to stand up Virtual Event Cinema™ during Covid, the first to combine a Talent & Film Booking CRM with Event Management, and now we are announcing 2 new firsts:



Affiliate Transactional Video on Demand: Self-Distribution Beyond Your Marketing Channels

Affiliate TVoD presents a groundbreaking opportunity for filmmakers and IP owners to easily avail their content for Transactional Video On Demand (TVoD) Bookings. 

This innovative approach allows brands, influencers, and organizations to effortlessly integrate the film into their social platforms and websites, effectively transforming each into a new distribution channel. Importantly, these channels operate within the specific fee structures, dates, and territorial restrictions set by the filmmakers or IP owners.


Broadened Reach

By enabling easy connections with diverse organizations, filmmakers can extend their audience outreach beyond the confines of traditional channels. This enhances visibility and provides an avenue for engaging with a wider and more varied audience.


Revenue and Audience Growth

Affiliate TVoD introduces a dual benefit of revenue and audience growth. 

As each partner integrates the film onto their platform, they become a source of both new revenue and viewer data. This dual functionality not only creates new revenue streams for filmmakers but also provides valuable insights into audience preferences and behaviors.


Controlled Film Distribution

IP owners retain full authority over how their film is presented and shared, ensuring that it aligns seamlessly with the filmmaker's artistic vision. 

This level of control over the distribution process is a game-changer, allowing IP owners to maintain the integrity of their work throughout its journey to the audience.

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Direct to Cinema™: 20,000 Screens in North America

Direct to Cinema™, an innovative offering by GATHR, opens up access to a vast cinema network of over 20,000 screens across North America. This network encompasses an array of cinemas, ranging from beloved arthouses to expansive circuits, all available to filmmakers at the click of a button.

With Direct to Cinema™, GATHR combines cinema booking options, allowing filmmakers to opt for single buyouts or leverage Theatrical On Demand® with the GATHR Ticketing Engine, removing the barrier between IP owners and their audience.


North American Cinema Access

Filmmakers can now tap into a network of over 20,000 screens, offering unparalleled opportunities for showcasing their work to audiences throughout the country.


Gathr Ticketing Engine

Direct ticketing delivers audience data to the IP Owners, and provides opportunities for Multiple Ticket Tiers, Ticket Bundles, Donations, Custom Questions and Product Sales in customer checkout.


Reportable Gross Box Office

GATHR takes the initiative to report the box office on behalf of filmmakers to Comscore, providing a comprehensive overview of the film's performance.


Gathr Is Pushing the Film Distribution Revolution - Will You Join Us?

Whether you want to leverage Affiliate TVoD with controlled distribution, broadened reach, and revenue growth, or utilize Direct to Cinema™ and gain access to over 20,000 screens in North America with Gathr’s robust ticketing engine, we invite you to join us and be a part of Gathr’s cutting edge solution to the film distribution problem. 

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