GATHR® Enables Filmmakers with a Pioneering Direct-To-Audience Solution: Pay It Forward Ticketing

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Pay It Forward Ticketing has the power to expand your film's audience by allowing ticket & rental purchases for others, ensuring wider and more diverse viewership. On top of that, it builds trust through transparent ticket distribution with real-time tracking, reassuring donors of their impact. Filmmakers are already leveraging Pay It Forward Ticketing to build community support, boosting their film's visibility and creating a network of support for future projects.


Introducing the revolutionary Pay It Forward Ticketing model 

We are excited to introduce GATHR's groundbreaking Pay It Forward Ticketing feature, designed to expand your film’s audience and ignite community support. Leveraging our direct-to-audience distribution tools, this innovative model enables filmmakers to connect directly with their communities, delivering films in the most impactful ways for their content.

What's more is that multiple filmmakers have already recognized the potential of Pay It Forward Ticketing for their film's communities. We're thrilled to announce that three compelling films will soon debut leveraging GATHR's innovative Pay It Forward Ticketing. Look forward to Brown, directed by Raj Amit Kumar, Christspiracy from filmmakers Kip Andersen and Kameron Waters, The Sixth by Sean Fine and Andrea Nix Fine, and Call Me Dancer by Leslie Shampaine. 

This groundbreaking initiative allows audiences for these films to support one another by purchasing tickets for others, ensuring broader accessibility and more meaningful community engagement.


Expand your film's reach

The Pay It Forward Ticketing feature is a game-changer for filmmakers aiming to expand their audience base. By allowing ticket purchases for others, this option ensures your film can be seen by a wider and more diverse group of viewers. It's not just about selling tickets; it's about maximizing the impact of your documentary or film project. With Pay It Forward Ticketing, your work can reach people who may not otherwise have the opportunity to see it, thereby broadening your film’s influence and message.



Trust through transparency

One of the key tenets of Pay It Forward Ticketing is its commitment to transparency in ticket distribution. With real-time data tracking, both filmmakers and audiences can see exactly how donated tickets are being utilized. This fosters trust and confidence in the process, reassuring donors that their contributions are making a tangible difference. Enhanced transparency not only builds credibility but also upholds the integrity of your film’s distribution, making it a trustworthy and reliable method for reaching more people.


Community-driven support

Pay It Forward Ticketing is more than just a ticketing option; it’s a tool for building a strong sense of community. By enabling your audience to support each other through ticket & rental purchases, this feature cultivates a collective effort that significantly boosts your film’s visibility. The communal aspect of Pay It Forward Ticketing helps create a network of support for current and future projects, ensuring sustained engagement and interest in your work. This sense of community support can be incredibly powerful, providing a foundation for ongoing success and collaboration in your filmmaking journey.

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Set up your Pay It Forward fund in 4 easy steps

  1. Create Your Pay It Forward Fund - Begin by setting up a Pay It Forward fund from your Film dashboard on GATHR to collect ticket and video on demand (VOD) donations. This initiative allows your audience to support each other by purchasing tickets & rental views for those unable to afford them.
  2. Promote and Share Your Fund - Share the direct link to your Pay It Forward fund with your audience and encourage donations. Utilize social media, email campaigns, and community outreach to spread awareness and drive contributions.
  3. Organize Screenings or VOD - Plan your film events, including in-person, virtual, hybrid screenings, or VOD. Ensure the Pay It Forward Ticketing option is available during checkout to facilitate ticket claims and donations.
  4. Witness Your Story Reach a Broader Audience - Track the impact of your Pay It Forward fund in real-time. Monitor how donated tickets are utilized and observe your film reaching a wider, more diverse audience, promoting enhanced community engagement and support.


Harness Pay It Forward Ticketing to lift up and expand your community

GATHR's Pay It Forward Ticketing option is designed to not only extend the reach of your film but also to build a community of support and trust. By leveraging this innovative feature, filmmakers can ensure their content is seen by a broader audience while upholding a transparent and supportive network. Embrace the power of Pay It Forward Ticketing and watch your film’s influence grow, one ticket at a time.


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