Pay It Forward Ticketing: A Community-Powered Revolution in Film

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Pay It Forward Ticketing allows moviegoers to buy tickets for others, expanding access to films and building community support. This model benefits independent films by removing financial barriers and creating a shared purpose. Combined with Gathr's distribution tools, Pay It Forward Ticketing ensures broader reach and accessibility for impactful stories.


Transforming Cinema Access with Pay It Forward Ticketing

The film industry is on the cusp of a significant evolution, one where community generosity enhances access to cinema. Direct To Audience distribution models are becoming increasingly pivotal for independent filmmakers, and Pay It Forward (PIF) ticketing is a potent tool that extends filmmakers' reach in a direct way.

Pay It Forward Ticketing empowers moviegoers to buy tickets not only for themselves but also for others who might not be able to afford a night at the movies. This simple act of generosity is redefining the way films are funded, marketed, and experienced.

Breaking Down Barriers

By removing financial obstacles, Pay It Forward Ticketing opens the doors to diverse audiences who might never have discovered these films otherwise. This democratization of access enriches the cultural landscape of cinema, allowing a wider array of voices to be heard.

Mission-driven documentaries, films with social causes, and independent productions particularly benefit from this model. These types of films often struggle to find a wide audience due to limited marketing budgets and niche subject matter. Pay It Forward Ticketing allows these films to reach audiences that resonate with their messages and themes, ensuring that important stories and perspectives are shared more broadly.

More Than a Transaction

Pay It Forward Ticketing is about more than just ticket sales; it builds a sense of community and shared purpose. When audiences participate, they become active stakeholders in a film's success, creating a loyal fan base that rallies behind filmmakers.

This communal aspect is a game-changer for the film industry. It forges deeper connections between creators and viewers, fostering a sense of belonging and shared investment in the art form.

A Win-Win Scenario

Filmmakers: Gain access to new funding streams, reach wider audiences, and build a passionate community around their work. The data gleaned from Pay It Forward Ticketing campaigns also provides valuable insights for future projects.

Audiences: Experience the joy of giving back, support independent artists, and be part of a movement that makes cinema more accessible. The shared experience of watching a film together, knowing that someone else's kindness made it possible, adds a layer of depth and meaning to the viewing experience.

Pay It Forward Ticketing + Theatrical on Demand®

Gathr's Theatrical on Demand® model lets filmmakers organize local film screenings without the risks of a traditional nationwide distribution. It does this by recruiting superfans, “Movie Captains,” to help run their local screenings. These screenings need a certain number of advance ticket reservations to be financially viable, effectively crowdsourcing the demand for the film.

Pay It Forward Ticketing fits perfectly with this model. Audiences can contribute to ensuring a screening happens by purchasing extra tickets for those who might not be able to afford them, thereby increasing the chances of meeting the reservation threshold and guaranteeing the screening's success. This combination boosts access to independent films and strengthens community support for impactful stories.

Pay It Forward Ticketing + Streaming (TVOD)

Pay It Forward Ticketing can also be integrated with Gathr's Transactional Video on Demand (TVOD). In this model, viewers not only rent films for themselves but can also gift rentals to others who might not be able to afford them. This extends the reach of independent films, making them accessible to a broader audience beyond movie theatres . By enabling free streaming rentals, Pay It Forward Ticketing enhances accessibility and boosts the film's exposure, fostering a sense of community while watching from home.

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