How Can You Drive Value from Your Past Events? Leverage Your Digital Content.

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You can record your event on Zoom.

Big deal.

You can also listen to music on ‘80’s cassettes.


What if you could continue earning and driving value long after your event is over, essentially turning your digital content from each event into a perpetual annuity?


Introducing Rentals - the key to monetizing your digital content

Now you can scale your income and leverage past virtual events by offering your digital content for rental. Instead of limiting yourself to a flat fee for a one-off event appearance, continue marketing your event as a rental and enjoy steady income from your event & rental homepage hosted on Gathr.


Others will record your event, but no other platform allows you to record your live and/or virtual event and then to re-sell or rent it as digital content afterward. When your event is over, you can download your live recording, edit it, drop in a pre-roll or advertisement for your brand or website, and re-upload it to your event page on Gathr. Your rental will live on your event page, giving you an additional source of income from past events and a frictionless process to drive value and leverage your event/rental homepage. There’s no need to create a new website or launch a separate marketing campaign. 


From your event/rental homepage, Gathr also gives you an entire storefront to sell your product that has already been indexed and optimized for search engines, like Google. 

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Your digital content on your terms

Some seminars or discussions take months of hard work to prepare and perfect. Indeed, subject experts and speakers can pour hours into crafting captivating content for a single event. 


Under normal circumstances, you’d be paid once for your event performance. You likely don’t have a contract stipulating that the event organizer can’t subsequently exploit your performance, so the event organizer most likely will monetize your content by selling or renting it as their own intellectual property now included in their recorded digital content catalog.


Why relinquish this value? It’s your content, and, as a Direct To Audience (DTA) platform, Gathr puts you in control of it. You set your rates and charge what you want for your events, as well as for your sales and rentals afterward. Each time someone buys your rental, you’ll receive the payment amount you set, so you can enjoy stability and peace of mind both with your event and rental income streams, knowing you’ll always get paid on your terms. 


Gathr Talent Booking: Better than the alternative

Imagine spending months preparing a lecture, getting booked to deliver it, and then someone uploads a recording to the internet, significantly diminishing the value of your work product. 

When an event organizer books you on Gathr, we’ll protect your content during your event and your rental rights afterward. You can rest assured knowing that your content will be only yours and that Gathr will represent and protect your interests.  


Customize access to your content

Encourage both event ticket sales and rentals by easily inputting ticket sale dates, geographic restrictions, and rental period controls. Utilize timed tiered ticketing strategies, in addition to a customizable rental period duration, as well as renters’ time-to-watch period. Transactional Video On Demand (TVOD) at your fingertips.


Offer your products alongside your Rental

From your rental homepage, your audience can easily browse and add your books, merchandise, digital products, or services to their rental orders, and check out from a single window, maximizing your conversion. You can also sell your products on your rental homepage. Renters will have the option to seamlessly add your products to their purchases when checking out, boosting your revenue from rentals, as well. 

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Are you ready to maximize your virtual event earnings and make money on your downtime? 


Get started today with Gathr.

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