Monetize Your Knowledge with Downloadable Digital Products

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What is a digital product?

In short, digital products are compelling sharable digital content that help build your audience and make you a passive revenue stream through ecommerce. 


What kinds of digital products can I offer?

Offer any digital content or digital products you can share through a private link to drive ecommerce. For subject experts, offer an e-book introducing newcomers to your topic. Or, if you’re an authority on a practical skill, offer a PDF How-to guide for your community to get started. Perhaps you’re an author or lecturer giving seminars on a literary work, then offer a digital reader’s companion booklet with further reading recommendations. 

Some other examples could include a useful Notion or other customizable template, an informative podcast download link, and even a downloadable webinar or video content with Video On Demand. 

Easily add your digital products by entering key details like name, description, and category.


Leverage your existing video content with Video On Demand

Is your video content sitting in a file somewhere on your hard drive, without generating any return on all your hard work preparing, shooting, and editing it? You no longer have to choose between publishing free content on video sharing platforms, essentially giving away your assets, and live events to generate income. Video On Demand enables you to leverage ecommerce and upload video content to Gathr and set strict parameters for watch times and access on a Gathr-hosted landing page that provides you with an evergreen source of revenue for your past video content, at the price you set. 

Customize your Video On Demand settings including rental duration, period, and price.


Your events + your digital content

You can now offer your digital products and digital downloads at every step of your patrons’ journey, from ticket selection and purchase to the virtual in-event experience, maximizing your revenue streams with each event you create on Gathr.


Integrate ticket + product sales

Maximize your digital product sales by bundling your e-book, PDF, step-by-step guide, Notion template, and any other digital download within a ticket tier. Leverage bundling and boost attendance at your free events by including your item with every RSVP, and give your attendees something extra for joining your event. One Gathr user did just that. Jennifer Murtoff of Home to Roost LLC, speaker and topic expert in backyard chicken care, offered a free ticket to her event, and bundled it with her own quality digital content in a PDF Guide to the Basics of Backyard Chicken Care, offering extra value to her attendees by using a ticket bundle. 

For paid events, give your attendees options by offering both a low-priced ticket and a premium ticket that includes your bundled product.



Your audience can purchase ticket & product bundles alongside standalone tickets.

More passive income, less hustle 

Add and bundle your digital downloads and digital products in seconds with Gathr's ecommerce solution. Simply provide a download link, such as dropbox or a shared google drive, and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll send out an email with purchasers’ direct download link whenever a ticket purchase is completed. No more keeping track of who purchased what, attaching PDFs, or jumbled personal email inboxes. Include your digital product in a ticket bundle, and Gathr handles everything else, so you have more time to focus on your event.

 Gathr automatically sends out digital download links to your digital product purchasers.

Your key to unlock passive income

Your digital products and digital content aren’t limited to ticket bundling, however. It’s a cinch to include your digital products separately in your audience’s ticket purchase path. Your audience selects a ticket, then they can choose the preferred digital product you’ve offered for sale, giving you yet another opportunity to increase revenue through passive income. Ticket and product totals are calculated and collected in a single seamless transaction. Of course, Gathr’s got you covered for fulfillment of all orders with our native ecommerce functionality. 

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Engage your audience while increasing conversion

Continue expanding your event returns by offering frictionless in-event purchasing without interrupting your event content. Your audience can browse products, add to their carts, and checkout from inside your virtual event. Attendees won’t miss a moment of your event programming while they scan your products, add to their cart, and complete purchases of your digital products on Gathr’s virtual event watch page, so you can maximize both revenue and engagement through the potential of ecommerce.

Your Event audience can purchase your products directly from the Watch page for a seamless Event experience.

Realize integrated event tickets and digital content sales today

It’s time to leverage digital products on Gathr so you can create multiple revenue streams from a single event and digital product wtih ecommerce, from the moment your audience selects a ticket to the end of your event. Maximizing earnings for your PDF guide, e-book, how-to manual, Notion template, and video content has never been easier. Get started today. 

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