How to take your Zoom meetings to the next level.

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If you want to elevate your virtual events beyond Zoom meetings and Zoom webinars, you don't have to change platforms. With Gathr's new Zoom integration you can transform any meeting into a memorable virtual event. 


It's time to revolutionize the Zoom meeting. 

We understand that Zoom is one of the most relied-upon virtual meeting platforms out there, boasting over 70 million downloads in the third quarter of 2021 and 350 million daily meeting attendees in 2022

That’s why we’ve integrated Zoom into our all-in-one virtual events platform - so you can enjoy the familiarity of Zoom, with features that transform the standard meeting or webinar into an engaging and interactive virtual event. Zoom is made for meetings. Gathr creates experiences.


Say 'goodbye' to Zoom fatigue.

Have you ever worried that your Zoom meetings or Zoom webinars may be missing something, or that your guests are feeling the dreaded Zoom fatigue?

Now you can ignite engagement with a fully customizable virtual venue. Captivate your audience with watch page integrations such as Kickstarter, GoFundMe,, embedded donation buttons to your 501(c)(3) charity of choice, and drive e-commerce sales directly from the watch page. Activate audience interaction with in-event polls, an embedded map of attendees, and audience chat. 


The Gathr watch pages features many different possible integrations visible to your attendees.


It’s time to energize and transform your meetings and webinars into exciting virtual events with Gathr. Create your first event today.


Simplify your virtual event planning.

Another platform?! That sounds complicated, and I’m already managing enough. . .” 

Linking your Zoom account with Gathr takes just a few clicks. Gathr's integration allows you to seamlessly create and edit your Zoom meetings and Zoom webinars directly from your dashboard in a snap.


You can link your Zoom account to Gathr in a few short clicks.


Choose from an intimate gallery-style view of your event (Zoom meeting), or broadcast to thousands (Zoom webinar) all framed by Gathr’s beautifully designed watch page experience. 

At showtime, simply start your event from your dashboard in one click. Your attendees access your event directly from their ticket confirmation link, and enjoy all the watch page integrations you’ve added. We’ll handle ticketing, payment, and emails so you can focus on what you do best - hosting exciting virtual events. 


Your all-in-one virtual event solution - much more than a Zoom meeting. 

If you’re tired of dealing with multiple platforms for your virtual events - one for the video call, another for ticketing, and yet another for attendee data and communications - Gathr is here to help. 

Combine ticketing, payment, communications, attendee data, and marketing into a single experience with Gathr - no more stringing together multiple solutions and juggling attendee emails from your personal inbox. 

Make use of any ticket pricing strategy, like Early Bird discounts, VIP, or Multi-Day pass by setting up multiple ticket tiers. Rest assured that payments are securely processed through online payment industry leader, Stripe.

Leave behind your overloaded personal email for event communications, and add a layer of privacy by sending and receiving audience-wide messages, view and download attendee data, and check your sales numbers any time - all from a single dashboard. 


Upgrade from Zoom webinars and meetings and start hosting experiences. 

Are you a virtual event host who wants to set your events apart from the millions of meetings/webinars that happen every day on Zoom? Are you ready to elevate interaction and audience engagement in your events? Want to move beyond meetings and webinars

Create a virtual event on Gathr today.

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