How to Take Your Hybrid Events to New Heights

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If you’re ready to bid farewell to makeshift, Zoom-fatiguing, multi-platform hybrid events, and access the functionality you really need and desire for event creation, then it’s time to create your next hybrid event on Gathr.


Hybrid Events 3.0

Love it or hate it, Zoom is here to stay. 

For many, it’s the most familiar option for all things virtual - family video calls, professional meetings, webinars, and even for hybrid events - in-person events that can accommodate virtual attendees. 

It’s a familiar scene - the cellphone held aloft, video call in progress, screen pointed toward the wedding ceremony, the open laptop perched and pointed at the stage during the keynote address, concert, or comedy show, streaming live video and audio feed to distant viewers. 

Better known as the Frankenstein feed - a temporary stopgap until there is a better alternative.


An industry-leading solution for event creation

Gathr has created a much, much better alternative. It now offers a full suite of hybrid event technology - a virtual platform with an interactive and fully customizable watch page, custom ticketing settings, in-event charity donations and product sales, payment processing, attendee management, ticket-scanning and more. 

When it comes to hybrid event technology, no other platform comes close. Hybrid event creation with Gathr offers a groundbreaking set of features and eliminates the Frankenstein feed. Eventize your basic Zoom event feed by adding watch page integrations like a Kickstarter link, polls, donation buttons, chat and an interactive map for your virtual event component. Simultaneously, coordinate your event management, ticketing, and ticket scanning needs for the IRL (In Real Life) part of your hybrid event.


Build community and increase revenue at your events

The capacity of any physical space limits the number of tickets that can be sold to a paid live event. Why not leverage your event by selling scores of additional tickets to a virtual event format alongside your IRL tickets? Anyone, anywhere, can purchase a ticket to your event. And when individuals reserve tickets for your hybrid event, a direct and mutually engaging relationship among attendees and with sponsors is created. Your community - both direct and hybrid attendees - can now use mobile devices to participate in the live event and the virtual event. They can all use the virtual event page to buy products, chat, make donations, and interact with other attendees. Every ticket holder is ‘present’ at the event.

While your IRL attendees can enjoy the full experience your live event has to offer, you manage virtual attendees’ level of access. For example, at a fundraising gala, your live guests can enjoy the exclusivity of VIP tables, while supporters at home can watch part of the festivities via a lower tier-priced ticket for the virtual event. Adding this virtual component to your fundraising will enable worldwide access to your community of supporters, donors, alumni, or fans. 

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Feature global talent to worldwide audiences at your next Event

Hybrid events are the perfect event creation solution for businesses and organizations looking to create engaging and interactive experiences for their audience. One of the key benefits of these events is the ability to book speakers from anywhere in the world. It’s now possible to bring in top industry leaders, experts, and influencers to speak at your event without the need for them to leave the comfort of their own home or office.

This not only saves speakers time and money, but it also makes it more convenient and accessible for them to participate in your event. The result is a wider pool of potential speakers to choose from, which can elevate the quality of your events and provide more value for your attendees.

By having speakers participate remotely, you open the doors for a more diverse group of Talent that could come from different countries, cultures and backgrounds. This will help to bring new perspectives and ideas to the table that can help to create dynamic and engaging events. Additionally, with remote participation, you can have multiple speakers participating at the same time. This provides a chance to feature an array of experts across myriad subjects.

Hybrid events with remote speakers offer a win-win for both event organizers and attendees. It opens up a world of possibilities for booking high-quality speakers, providing a more diverse and interactive experience, and it also saves time and money for both the event organizers and speakers.


Farewell, Frankenstein feed

If you’re ready to bid farewell to makeshift, Zoom-fatiguing, multi-platform hybrid events, and access the functionality you really need and desire for event creation, then it’s time to create your next hybrid event on Gathr. 

Leave behind the Frankenstein feed of 2022, and, instead, offer your virtual attendees a beautiful and engaging watch page experience, enlarge your community with both IRL and virtual tickets, and boost event revenue with donations, product sales, and advanced ticketing strategies.


What’s stopping you? Get started with Gathr today. 


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